Beacon — Your Guide to Efficiency

Beacon™ is a program designed to drive greater energy efficiencies and lower operating costs through careful analysis of the Carbon Fiber conversion process.  It is the only offering of its kind that is focused on enabling Carbon Fiber manufacturers to position themselves for the exceptional growth that the market is poised to experience in expanded applications such as automotive.

With our extensive experience in the industry since the market’s inception, Harper International has developed a model that analyzes various plant configurations and capacities, precursors, integration scenarios and energy recovery options and ranks the environmental impact of the process line. The Beacon model is a complex analysis of more than 100 design parameters. This endeavor establishes a baseline and a facility-specific metric that can be used to develop improvement plans to drive greater energy recovery and lower operating costs.

Harper offers the Beacon program as a tool for Carbon Fiber manufacturers interested in achieving greatest output cost effectively with environmental responsibility. Within the area where we are experts, the Carbon Fiber conversion process, it is our commitment to help drive the industry to meet its full potential. 

Experience a preview of Beacon through this short assessment tool to sample what your carbon footprint might be, and then contact us for a complete assessment to start your journey down a greener path.